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Additional Opportunities

One off events, parties, bars

There are  volunteer opportunities for one off events. We have so many bookings now for evenings, parties, dances, & shows that want a bar. We don’t provide paid bar staff, they are all volunteers.

We need volunteers to serve drinks, collect glasses, wash up (not all by hand!), to set out chairs &tables and to put them away afterwards.  There’s a price list so you don’t have to memorise everything. There are always experienced volunteers there to show you what to do.

Volunteers are welcome to do a couple of hours or a whole shift. It’s all appreciated. Fancy having a go? The New Year’s Eve Ceilidh will need some volunteers. Contact Maureen Richardson, Centre Manager to help at the bar, tel 01524 811316 or email

Cooks and helpers wanted for Luncheon Club!

Luncheon Club could do with some assistants to prepare meals under the watchful eye of our regular cook.  We also need more volunteers to help with various tasks, including setting out tables and chairs, and laying the tables, serving hot drinks, serving the meals, washing up, and putting everything away afterwards.

FareShare Food

FareShare Food is surplus food given to the Centre from Carnforth Tesco. It’s food deemed unsuitable for sale but within its expiry date. The project helps to prevent food waste and food poverty. We’ve used some to supplement the Luncheon Club meals, donated to groups within the Centre, used it in the Coffee Shop and distributed some to vulnerable people in our village.

If you are free on a Thursday morning to help sort and distribute this food please contact the Centre.

Painting and Odd Jobs

Usually during the school holidays the rooms are not in use, we want to get various odd jobs done inside and outside the Centre. We ask for helpers and provide equipment and as refreshments. Last summer we held painting and DIY days are from 10 am to 4pm. This summer we had a number of new volunteers which was great and we got a lot done. But there will be more odds jobs and painting to do next time due to wear and tear.

Volunteers on painting and DIY days are welcome to come and help for a day, half a day, or just spare an hour or so, it all helps and this support is much appreciated.

If you would like to help out behind the bar, with Luncheon Club, Fareshare Food or painting and odd jobs, please call into the office (open 1pm to 5pm Mon to Fri). tel 01524 811316 for a chat with Centre Manager Maureen Richardson or Carol Slinger, or email and we will be very pleased to hear from you.

You don’t have to be a resident of Halton to be a volunteer for any of these opportunities.