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NHS Important Information

During a recent Government press conference on the coronavirus pandemic, Health Secretary Matt Hancock insisted that people with health concerns besides suspected COVID-19 should go through the usual services. There is a worry that people are putting themselves or their loved ones at risk by not seeking help when it’s needed. NHS services are still open and  anyone suffering with a health issue and has doubts should not hesitate to seek help.

The current guidance is that if you need to use the NHS for reasons other than coronavirus, first call your GP or call 111 and if it is life threatening call 999. If you or someone you know is seriously ill, please don’t let that put you off going into hospital for an emergency. Hospitals have COVID-free areas to look after people with all different needs. 

Shielding Guidance
Updated guidance has been published on shielding and protecting people who are clinically extremely vulnerable from COVID-19. The public health advice has not changed; but the document has been edited to improve clarity.

Personalised Plan Wellbeing Template – which can be used by anyone who is self-isolating, family, friends, healthcare professionals and carers to summarise a person’s personal circumstances, and the things that matter most to them at this time.  (This may be a useful alternative to the personalised care and support plan which you are currently using.)