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Coffee Shop re-opens 18 July

We are pleased to announce that we are re-opening the Coffee Shop on 18th July, this will be as a takeaway service only. We have worked hard to make this area as safe as possible to comply with Covid-19 guidelines.

Opening times:

10am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday

1pm to 5pm Monday to Friday

The main entrance of the Centre will be closed, access to the Coffee Shop will be as follows:

Entrance via the side door on the decking. Exit via a new door to the rear of the building.

We have added a hatch so that staff and volunteers can use the main preparation area and additional kitchen space separately.

The indoor play area for toddlers is closed until further notice. There will be no seating indoors. The accessible toilet near the Coffee Shop will be open.

We need lots of new volunteers to make the coffee shop viable because the majority of our regular volunteers fall into the vulnerable category so cannot attend at this time.  We are able to offer shifts to Duke of  Edinburgh volunteers.    

Centre staff will always be present while Coffee Shop is open.

Please contact us for more information, email coffeeshop@ or call the Centre on 811316.